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Ep3: Hitting the ground running or easing in gently.

In this Study Sessions podcast episode Nathan is talking to Barnaby Lenon – and Iain Kilpatrick. We look at about how best to approach the year that will have to end in a ‘grade’ for yr 11 and yr 13 pupils.

We’re following 6 very different students as they work towards their GCSEs in summer 2021 in this 2nd season. Each week I’ll be catching up with each of them in a 1-2-1 coaching session. Then, a panel of experts will discuss some of the issues that crop up in one of our podcast episodes.

All of our students were actually reasonably happy to be back at school. They quite missed the routine and the structure. Although many would, I’m sure, prefer an extra hour or two in bed in the morning! They’ve also coped well with the new safety measures and grappled one-way systems!

Where we found quite a stark difference between them was in preparation for – and consciousness of – what needed to be done to be ready for the exams.

So, this week we are talking to our experts about how best to approach the year.

Professor Barnaby Lenon | University of BuckinghamIain Kilpatrick | Sidcot Difference | Sidcot School
Barnaby Lenon is Chair of the Independent Schools’ Council and Dean of Education at The University of Buckingham. Barnaby’s teaching career includes Headmaster of Harrow School and helping to establish a Free School in East London – the London Academy of ExcellenceIain Kilpatrick is the Headmaster at Sidcot School, – a leading co-educational day and boarding school in Somerset – and Chair of the Board of Trustees of a Multi-Academy Trust.   Sidcot is a Quaker school that lists curiosity and personal responsibility as traits that are as important as academic record.


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