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On top of your GCSE studies? Check ✔

The combination of remote learning and many months of disruption means that many GCSE year students aren’t sure where they are with their studies.

To help students – and parents – keep an eye on how they are doing, we are introducing personalised Study Summaries. These electronic documents are a single source of all of the topics that are in a student’s GCSE courses. They breakdown the courses into units, just like our original revision sets. This is a great way to make sure that there are no gaps in knowledge.

The checklist format also contains suggested milestones that students can mark as completed. Simply print off at home and tick off as you go!

The checklist steps are:

  • Taught: Is this an area that you’ve already covered in a lesson or by independent study?
  • Summarised: Creating a summary is a useful way of consolidating what you’ve been taught. Either written or verbal.
  • Flashcards: Creating Flash Cards are one of the most effective revision techniques.
  • Self-test: This is a key activity to strengthen memory. We’ve covered Retrieval Practice a lot in our podcasts.
  • Past paper: Being able to apply knowledge in an exam context is important.
  • Confidence: A visual guide as to how confident the student is about the unit of work. This should change over time – hopefully to more confidence!

Who doesn’t love a To-Do List?

The Study Buddy has a range of products that can help GCSE and A Level students organise their time. This GCSE revision checklist has been specially created to help students keep on track during lockdown.

GCSE exams may have been cancelled, but teacher assessment is still going to be based on providing evidence of a grade. So, the more you stay in control of your studies the better-placed teachers will be to provide the best grades.

How this works

Once you’re ordered your personalised Study Summary, you will receive a link to a form. You can use this to let us know the subjects and exam boards you need. There’s also a section to tell us about the options in subjects like English Literature, History and Religious Studies.

Once we’ve got your details we’ll create your bespoke Study Summary and email the PDF to you. We find it easier to print and keep the record. But don’t delete the original. If your child is in year 10, they can use it again when they come to year 11.


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