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On co-parenting and blended families

Our guest this week is Darren. He’s dad to two teens: a girl who is in the first year of A Levels and a boy sitting GCSEs in 2022. Darren talks about his experiences of supporting teens when they live half the time with him, half the time with his ex-wife.

We cover the difficulties of ensuring the children are on track. And of being conscious not to be the “naggy house”. Darren talks about the additional pressure on the teens to take even more control of their studies. We also cover preparing for mocks – and mock-mocks!

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In this third season of the podcast, Nathan – founder of The Study Buddy – will be talking to parents, students and teachers. Sharing these real-life experiences will confirm we’re not alone. And should also provide plenty of advice and tips when it comes to supporting our own teens.

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