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It’s Time to Spring into Revision Action for GCSEs

Sow the seeds of success by revising now so that they can be in full bloom by the time exam season begins. <could help the puntastic opening!!>

As we mark the first day of spring (Sun 20th March 2022), there are just under two months to the start of GCSE and A Level exams. To do themselves justice, students should be getting their revision underway, right away.

Across the country, a significant number of teens haven’t started to prepare for the exams yet, and that delay might have an impact on how well they will perform.

It’s not unusual for teenagers to put off revision. It’s hardly top of their list of fun things to do! But to give themselves the best chances of success, they really do need to get a plan in place. By structuring their time and revision, students will have a better chance of retaining facts and information; crucial for doing well in the exams. And being in control of revision can lead to greater confidence and lower anxiety, all helping performance on the day.

This year’s exam cohort have had disrupted schooling across their entire two-year courses. There are significant differences in the levels of coverage that schools have been able to provide, making it more important than ever that students take control over their revision.

To help students gauge how much study time they’ll have, The Study Buddy has created a GCSE Revision Reckoner. Nathan, founder of The Study Buddy explains: “Quite often students don’t even know where to start with revision. So, they put it off until revision becomes little more than cramming.”

Although ‘pulling an all-nighter’ might seem to work for a single test, it’s not a winning strategy for 9 GCSE subjects. There’s just too much information to try to retain. Not to mention the increased levels of stress and anxiety delaying causes.”

Using the online tool, Students decide how much revision they think they’ll do in the evenings, weekends and over the holidays. The results show what the total revision time would be. It’s unashamedly simplistic, but it really helps focus the mind. It will show them that even with a moderate amount of revision they can do this! But of course, the longer it’s left the more last-minute panicking there’s likely to be.

With up to 100 days before their last exam, there is time for students to comfortably revise their courses. Starting revision sooner rather than later will also highlight any gaps in understanding. And after two years of school closures and online learning, there is a higher-than-normal chance that these gaps will exist.

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